i’m #1

by myjaundicedeye

I'm #1

Do you ever wonder where your life has gone? What have you accomplished in your short time on earth, done for your fellow man or given back to society? I don’t. Really, that’s heartbreak on a hot plate. And if you have devoted your life to the service of others, that’s great, but in all honesty, keep it to yourself. The rest of us just don’t want to hear it. I am willfully ignorant of as much of the bible as possible, but I do like the bit about “God helps them that helps themselves.” or something like that, If it’s good enough for Jesus or Abraham or whoever penned that bon mot, high five on that. Think about it, do you seriously believe anyone else on this planet cares as much about you as you do? Let’s cut this thought experiment short, the answer is no. So just like in the airplane safety lecture “Put your own oxygen mask on first…” and extrapolate that to everything else.