espana 11:2:14-3

The jaundiced eye is taking the show on the road to espana with the OB&C for a couple of weeks. He’s got some crackpot meeting of egghead academics to attend so I am tagging along to make sure he goes to as few of the mind-numbing sessions as possible. Those people are so engrossed in intellectual masturbation that they never leave the meeting hall and may just as well be in frickin Orlando. The last one we went to was in Orvieto and the OB&G was extremely conscientious and went to a bunch of the presentations, took copious notes, didn’t understand one goddam thing and wasted two perfectly good days in Tuscany. Lesson learned my friend. No mas. We deliberately choose to go to the meetings that are held in appealing places, for instance we skipped the one in Upsala (Sweden?) because we lived in Seattle for almost twenty years and I don’t want to be cold and wet ever again. Maybe Upsala isn’t cold and wet but why take a chance. Barcelona is sure as hell going to be a better clime than somewhere in the arctic circle. Gotta go feed the OB&C his anti-anxiety meds so he can make it onto the jetway, which is where he starts to get jet lag.

Hasta la vista!