my kingdom for a hernia

by myjaundicedeye

 my kingdom for a hernia-1

Dear readers, MJE very much appreciates your outpouring of support and encouragement regarding my medical situation but all that tea and sympathy is driving me into a diabetic coma. I would request that you follow OB&C’s example. As most of the civilized world has probably heard, he had a hernia repair several weeks ago. He is totally and completely obsessed with his progress, or lack thereof, and issues hernia updates more frequently than CNN issues Breaking News reports. When I tried to clue him in on my biopsy results I could hardly get a word in edgewise. When he finally he came up for air he said “oh, you’ll be fine, but my hernia…”. Now that’s what I call putting things in perspective. It reduced my diagnosis to the level of an ingrown toenail and brightened my spirits to no end. Tough love baby.