bye bye J-bo

by myjaundicedeye


Last week John Boehner fell on his five iron for god and country after a meeting with il papa. My guess is that Frank probably delivered a very personal come to jesus message to the beleaguered house majority leader: get out now and save your soul!

Gotta love J-bo, the son of a barkeep who pulled a pint before his first catlick nun knuckle whack. He worked his way through college scrubbing toilets but even that didn’t prepare him for the crap he encountered in congress.

MJE will miss the man-tanned, cigarette smoking, ever blubbering congressman from the eighth district of Ohio, done in by his absurd desire to try do the job for which the taxpayers paid. Unfortunately for him and his political career negotiation is the new n-word in Washington.

Kevin McCarthy is J-bo’s odds on successor. MJE personally doesn’t trust the intellectual dexterity of someone whose eyes are closer together than a flounder’s. That said, intellect is a luxury that politicians can ill afford when dealing with the current republican electorate.