blimps away!

by myjaundicedeye

blimps away!

That wacky bunch of knuckleheads over at the defense department have gone and pulled another boner.  This time a huge spy blimp they had floating over Maryland managed to go AWOL. I had no idea that our entire eastern seaboard was protected from incoming missiles by a big balloon tied to the ground by a long piece of string. This bit of high technology was created by the mind trust over at Raytheon. I thought they just made AA batteries. Boy has MJE been asleep at the switch. This is how they tout (or “trout,” in the vernacular) their spyware on their website:

Mission: Seize the Spectrum!

Turn the lights out on your enemy. Operate unimpeded in the modern threat environment. To do that, you need to control the electromagnetic spectrum.

Huh? Sieze the spectrum? How about you seize your bloody blimp, which by all accounts was indeed “operating unimpeded in the modern threat environment.” And in case you weren’t aware of it readers, Pennsylvania is our enemy because the limp blimp, just as advertised, managed to pull down power lines on its descent and it was lights out for a couple of hundred thousand of those people. Raytheon rules the electromagnetc spectrum, for damn sure, at least in Pennsylvania.

Batteries anyone?