terror r us

by myjaundicedeye

terror r us

Okay so MJE is now officially totally and royally pissed off at the goddam terrorists. What is it with these people, why can’t they sit in their basements watching pornography and masturbating like normal guys. Really. Think about the time and effort it takes to schlep out to a gun show in some godforsaken deserted strip mall to buy a couple of assault rifles, then schlep to Walmart to buy 50 round clips of hollow point bullets, then schlep to toys R us to get a remote control toy car for your IED and then on to the plumbing supply joint for the pipes for your bomb. That’s a whole fricking day of running around! Of course with the exception of the guns, you can probably order it all online and if you’re an Amazon Prime member have it on your doorstep in 48 hours, free shipping included.

Then there’s the whole execution thing. You gotta spend hours figuring out how to put pipe bombs together without blowing yourself up (imagine the stress!), then slap on hotter than hell (and frankly unflattering) bullet proof vests and balaclava helmets, load all those heavy-as-lead guns, bombs, detonators and ammo into the back of the minivan. And boy you better be able to pack like a pro to get all that stuff in there!

Then you gotta go kill a lot of innocent people that you probably don’t even know. And the kicker is you have to pretty much accept that it’s also going to be your last day on earth and be prepared to kiss your ass goodbye. Which is a really good thing or a really bad thing, depending on your perspective. Well MJE says good luck with getting your hands on those forty virgins buddy.

In the old days MJE’s fear was running into someone who was self-actualized and being bored to death at a cocktail party not someone who is self-radicalized and being blown to smithereens while enjoying a boozy lunch. Although, truth be told, if my last breath has the whiff of gin on it I’m okay with that.

Last week everyone had the holy jitters about going to Paris. But terror is a lot closer than that.