no guns, no shame, no money

by myjaundicedeye

no guns no shame no money

MJE has recently learned that guns will be banned from the republican national convention!! Are you seriously kidding me? That sure sounds like an infringement of my 2nd amendment rights…if I can take my gun into an intro biology class at UT, my kid’s kindergarten class, or a booze infused tailgate party before the big game, why not into the repub confab. Where is the fricking NRA when you need them? Do the convention organizers have a beef against responsible gun owners? What happened to the old chestnut that guns don’t kill people, people kill people and its kissing cousin that if we take guns away from law-abiding people then only criminals will have them. Are they implying that republican delegates are criminals? Are they afraid that there might be a shootout between Utah and Massachusetts over whose hats are zanier? Too bad Scalia isn’t with us anymore because he’d sure as hell stand up to these lily-livered pantywaists. If I didn’t know better, I might think we were talking about those peacenik pinko democrats for god’s sake.

MJE would also like to draw attention to the fact that the convention is being held in the Quicken Loans Arena. Quicken Loans is the fifth largest subprime mortgage foreclosure inducer in Detroit. It’s a company that currently owns over 60 large real estate parcels there, which it picked up at fire sale prices after it foreclosed on them. It is accused by its own loan officers of pressuring them to falsify applicants’ incomes and helpfully coached them on how to boost their commissions by locking clients into higher interest rates even when they qualified for lower rates. Loan officers have furthermore testified that Quicken Loans management instructed them to “bruise” clients by telling them that there were red flags in their credit reports and that no other lender would work with them. In 2010 Quicken Loans was found guilty of fraud in a suit filed by a homeowner and in 2011 both Quicken Loans officers and its customers filed suits against the company. Subprime mortgages, like politics make for strange bedfellows.

The kicker is that the big corporate republican convention sponsors of yesteryear are running for the hills, afraid that they will be linked to what MJE suspects will be a food fight of epic proportions, or worse. Not anxious to see the headline “This Riot is Brought to you by Coca Cola” (which doesn’t exactly comport with their image of achieving “perfect harmony” via consumption of high fructose soft drinks) or the breaking news “Trump Supporters Shoot off More Than Their Mouths Before Being Forced to Surrender their Guns” followed by a message from the sponsor American Airlines. Even Walmart , which is known for black Friday mayhem is debating the upside to exhibiting its logo above a sea of thrashing bodies.

Boy oh boy, looks like the republicans are in a real pickle here. They are pissing on our constitutional rights in a venue named for a company that was partially to blame for the 2008 recession (for which it went unpunished) and to top it off, their once reliable money bags are staying away in droves. What’s a political pachyderm to do? Got me, but MJE can’t wait for this clown car to get to Cleveland.