is frank feeling the bern?

by myjaundicedeye

is frank feeling the bern

Bernie’s headed to the Vatican! Holy cow, did anybody bother to tell him that there aren’t any delegates there? Maybe he’s he hoping for a bit of divine intervention in the upcoming primaries? Or trying to woo the roman catholic vote? Well good luck with that, since he’s loudly pro-choice which I’m guessing is a deal breaker with that crowd. Plus he’s not even going to meet with il papa, and I hate to tell him but the line to get into the Sistine chapel is going to eat up the better part of a day. The good news (I guess in the Vatican all news is the good news) is that MJE knows a great trattoria about two blocks away. The tagliatelle alla boscaiola is to die for.

So what gives? I guess bernie’s a major frank fanboy. His battle cry that inequality is the root of all evil is a clear shout out to the catholic (or as is pronounced in new orleans “cat-lick”) handbook. MJE’s gonna give bernie a hall pass on that one, because hey he’s jewish, so from what does he know to quote the bible? Actually the good book, for Christians that is, says that the love of money is the root of all evil (1 timothy 6:10). see: trump, donald j. Or maybe he’s just had it up to his crazy hair with the whole “who’s qualified” to be president fracas he’s been waging with Hillary. God knows (hence the visit to the Vatican) the exhausted geezer needs a time out, grab a few days to chillax, take in the highlights of rome (MJE offers a bit of advice. Get a really good guide, it’s so worth the money, especially if you’re pressed for time.) eat some divine (ha ha) italian food, wash it down with a good chianti and maybe go wild and finish the evening with an ice cold limoncello. Talk about feeling the bern.

MJE looks forward to seeing bernie’s instagram pix of the trip and desperately hopes that there’s a selfie with frank in there somewhere.