The conald has a real knack for being in the right place at the right time… in scotland on the historic day of britain’s decision to leave the european union. As we all know, the conald is the ultimate optimist, always looking on the sunny side of the street and so characteristically remarked that brexit is actually a great thing because he’ll make more money! It makes the dollar stronger making it more affordable for americans to come to his golf courses there! Leave it to the donald to put his private financial gain first and foremost over the disruption of the personal lives of the people of europe and the interconnected economies of world.

Initially I thought he might be going abroad to finally get a clue about foreign relations and diplomacy. But why would he do that, he already knows all he needs to from watching the national geographic channel and anthony bourdain scuttling around the world eating weird stuff. Nope he went to scotland to kick some scottish ass from their ancestral homes to make more room for his golf courses. Those poor folks were bamboozled by the conald sales pitch about how great this would be for their local economies, and how everyone would get good jobs and maybe even some big tips as waiters or caddies. Once the deal was done, he elbowed his way into these quaint towns, treated the locals like they didn’t exist and became by all accounts a classic nuisance neighbor, erecting huge walls on the property lines, and ignoring their landowner rights. He even managed to get the scottish government to amend their plan for a wind farm because the turbines would ruin the golfers’ view. Talk about international negotiation street cred!

As they say, Fore! warned, is forearmed, but sadly the scottish citizens and their governmental representatives did not do the proper due diligence about the broken promises that accompany most trump ventures; the string of bankruptcies that left a trail of unpaid contractors, ruined small businesses and blighted unfinished projects. But don the con always comes out on top (and dodges all the debts via chapter 11) because he’s “a great businessman.” MJE is flabbergasted that the very people who are voting for him are the same hard working people that he crushes every time he declares bankruptcy,

MJE moves for a trexit, ASAP. Who’s with me?