shrillary vs the conald

by myjaundicedeye

shrillery vs the conald 2

Okay for better or worse we’ve got our candidates: shrillary vs the conald. A hobson’s choice: sane but shifty or daft and dangerous. MJE is definitely more comfortable with a candidate who shades the truth (like who doesn’t every once in a while, seriously) than with someone who occupies an alternative reality: crooked hillary or demented donald.

But apparently the conald’s supporters have been over-served the koo-koo koolaid and stand behind him despite his seeming total ignorance of world events, his enmity toward people of different skin tones or religious affiliations and thinner skin than a spanish onion.

But let’s us give conald, credit where credit is due, he as a master at feeding his supporters just the right amount of pre-digested political pablum for them to intellectually absorb. His “solution” to every problem is reduced to as few monosyllabic words as possible, “build a wall,” “ban muslims,” “deport illegal aliens.” MJE’s suspects that the conald’s phraseology kills two birds with one stone: satisfies the appetite for simplistic solutions and allows the conald to get away without having to provide substantive answers to the country’s problems. And according to him, when the conald peers down from the tippy top of trump tower his view is of a country that has nothing but problems.

And poor mike pence (words I never thought would pass my lips), every time I see him standing behind trump he looks like he’s passing a kidney stone. But hey, he chose to throw his morals and christian values under the trump jumbo jet for the sake of….uhhh, what? Mike, Mike, Mike, ask yourself WWJD? So MJE’s sympathies are somewhat wan. Hey, if you hitch your political wagon to an egomaniacal stupid head whose sole raison d’etre seems to be to elevate himself to an object of unconditional adulation from the unthinking masses, well then my man you two are headed for the same special place in hell.

The conald has perverted the notion of the politician’s mantra of self-sacrificing public service to one of self-serving brand promotion.

Or is MJE just another loser who doesn’t get it?