holy horndog batman!

holy horndog batman
Can you believe it! Men and women have been sexually harassing and or assaulting their underlings in the workplace and beyond since adam and eve donned their fig leaves. Who knew that powerful men and women might use their power and position to take advantage of those who work for them or their organizations?

Quite frankly the outrage over this is akin to capt. renault’s “shock” at the fact that there is gambling going on in the back of rick’s bar. Give me a forking break…when all the chips finally finish falling, MJE suspects that there will not be a single man or woman willing to self-righteously opine about this taudry state of affairs, knowing that sooner or later his or her dirty little secrets will also become public.

But what I don’t understand is the alleged indignation expressed by women (for the most part) who worked with these creeps and express horror (horror, I tell you!) that this sort of thing was going on right under their cosmetically perfected noses. Really, just stop it, no one believes you. Admittedly it is kill or be killed in the corporate world, but it takes a village to protect the beastly behaviors of those at the top. And in a particularly machiavellian scenario, those who know and don’t tell have the edge.

But as we have come to “normalize” our president’s lies and simply move along to the next goof ball tweet that pops out of his anus, at some point we will just say okay, got it, we cannot stand it anymore. You are all dirty and you make me sick, could we please worry about kimchee’s nukes or melanoma’s sartorial eccentricities.  Not to be overly jaundiced but there will ultimately be very few innocent parties here. There will be the perps, the enablers, the silent complicits and of course the overlords, all of whom bear responsibility.

Oh yeah, and the victims.