Summer is thankfully over but the lingering question for MJE is: What the hell is with those cheese eating surrender monkeys in france and their burkini ban??? MJE hasn’t been to a beach in years but from past recollections of the surf and sand set I would personally REQUIRE all bathers, male and female, to wear burkinis! Holy cow, the sheer mass of unattractive flesh gathered on any given piece of beach is enough to make me want to gouge my eyes out.

But back to burkinis…do the frenchie gendarmes de plage seriously think that these heavily swathed women are all hiding bombs underneath those yards of rayon? First of all, have they never witnessed the cling phenomenon when your clothes get wet…see: wet tee-shirt contests, or en francais, les concours des tee-shirts mouilles? Mon dieu! It’s like fricking shrink wrap! Short of the exposure of actual flesh there ain’t nothing that doesn’t show, including presumably any bulky suicide vests you might be wearing.

So if women choose not to expose their cellulite and muffin tops, who cares? Surely, between the secular population’s penchant for way too itsy-bitsy bikinis which cover rien and icky squeaky speedos showing off trop de teeny weenies, there’s more than enough flesh to be seen all over the french coastlines.

MJE says it’s time to let the burkettes enjoy their muhammad-given right to cover up and for the french to shut up.