doin’ the harvey hustle

harvey hustler pic 3:10:15

Once again MJE has to tip her hat to the local rag for providing an engaging topic. The front page piece drew attention to the arrest of a number of members of an extremely violent gang called the “Harvey Hustlers,” (I hope their first victim was whoever came up with that name, sounds like a line dancing club) a dangerous group of bad asses that have terrorized parts of the city for years. The charges ranged from intent to distribute this or that illegal substance, to racketeering, attempted murder, actual murder, carjacking, rape, assault, etc. Of particular note was hustler Davante Gumms who was charged with five counts of attempted second-degree murder. FIVE! For god’s sake get this guy a learning specialist and a bottle of Ritalin to help him stay on task.

Several of the hustlers were charged with cruelty to juveniles. Holy crap, didn’t know that was against the law. MJE sure dodged a bullet on that one.