benevolent sinning

Lent pic 2:28:15

I was just reading an article in the local rag about the observance of lent. The piece reported that Pope Francis, in his annual Lenten message to the faithful, said that just giving up something you like is not enough. You need to do something that benefits others. Well, as my loyal readers know, MJE is all about helping others, so I am celebrating the spirit of lent with extra zeal his year.

I totally get what Frank is talking about. For example, if I gave up drinking, would that benefit my local liquor store? They would lose substantial sales, perhaps have to cut employees’ hours or even let them go entirely. They might go smack out of business. Imagine the ripple effect that could have. Neighborhood sots would take to the streets, careening around half bombed trying to find someplace to get their trembling hands on more hooch, thus endangering the lives of every man, woman, child and dog in this zip code. Not beneficial.

Or chocolate, MJE even extends her concern to the Belgians, and I am probably the only person on the planet who gives a rat’s ass about them. Coffee? The struggling Columbians are in a world of hurt already, that seems like piling on. Soft drinks? Yes! but I have to think about all the old pensioners who own shares in Coca Cola Corp. or Pepsico, and rely on their paltry dividend checks to buy lottery tickets. Depriving a bunch of feeble geriatrics of the delusion that they might win the powerball doesn’t sound like a helping hand to me.

So, what’s a penitent to do? MJE’s advice is to embrace your sinfulness during this special time. In fact double down on it and save the world! A rising tide lifts all boats.