toddler shoots grandma

toddler shoots grandma2

Dateline: Rock Hill, SC

MJE came upon this bit of news the other day and it struck her (although certainly not as hard as the aforementioned grandma) as pretty disturbing. Sweet ole granny’s lugging around her grandson to walmart and the like while his parents are god knows where, and what does she get for that good deed? The kid reaches down and plucks a fully loaded .357 magnum from behind granny’s seat and does what any normal toddler would do, pulls the trigger and shoots her. What the hell? The first lesson in gun safety is if you are going to shoot someone in a car, do not shoot the driver. That’s so basic I don’t think I should even need to bring it up, but obviously the kid had not read the manual (maybe the NRA ought to publish an easy reader on gun safety in vehicles). But to be fair, she was pretty much the only available target unless he wanted to pick off some hapless passers-by in the next lane.

You will be comforted by the fact that the Rock Hill police are all over this incident:

“The gun should have never been that accessible,” Rock Hill police captain Mark Bollinger said, adding, “It is possible, for having the gun in the wrong location and easily accessible to a child, there could even be some child safety laws in violation. Our detectives will be working with the solicitor’s office to determine what, if any, charges will come of this.”

Yeah, Cap, do check into the possibility that some child safety laws might have been violated. And while you’re at it, take a look at grandma safety law violations too. The sheriff is also investigating whether the kid was in a car seat as required by SC law. If he wasn’t, then woe be poor ole grandma cause she’s gonna be looking at some hard time in the Rock Hill clink. As soon as she gets out of the hospital.